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Hidden health-care costs can be a shock for retirees

Every Thursday, Randy Filinski drives a group of seniors to one of two government-sponsored physiotherapy sessions in Toronto’s Scarborough area and sees firsthand the realities of inadequate health-care coverage in the retirement years.

Mr. Filinski, volunteer chair of CARP’s Ajax-Pickering chapter east of Toronto, says the members he drives are eligible only for a 20-minute […]

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Three Areas Where You Can Save Money

I believe that, just like people, our money needs a purpose. Sometimes it’s obvious what that purpose is: saving, covering the cost of housing, food, bills etc. but often, once those recurring payments are taken care of, the remaining dollars tend to magically vaporize from our bank account and drift off to find their […]

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What The Liberals’ Tax Promises May Mean For Your TFSA

Just moments after being sworn in as our new Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau and his cabinet announced that Parliament will reconvene on December 3 and immediately turn their attention to taxes. While the priority focus will be on marginal tax rates for the middle class and those making more than $200,000, it’s worth paying […]

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Are you playing rational roulette with your retirement plans?

We all know that our mental abilities will wane at some point, though we like to think it won’t be until extreme old age. Is it possible that those abilities diminish sooner and faster than we think, even in the absence of dementia? If we look around us, we can find objective benchmarks that […]

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